@Nurph's Update: 27/01/2014 -- It's All Go

It's time to share the amazing progress we've been making at Nurph over recent months. -- @NeilCauldwell

June 2013
  • Nurph is based on a hot desk in the SWFour co-working space
  • Building/programming Nurph on my own
  • #LitChat start using Nurph (our first Twitter Community)

Fast-forward 7 months...

January 2014

After years of hard work, it's amazing to be working on a service that's getting this level of adoption and positive feedback. I'd like to say thanks to the fantastic Twitter Communities who are making Nurph Channels a Home for their Hashtag Chats.

With happy users, awesome features, a nice new office, and a great foundation to the team - it's all go at Nurph. Just wait 'til you see what's coming up next. You ain't see Nurphin' yet. /play rimshot


Founder/CEO and Chief Product Officer @Nurph