Nurph Launches The Twitter Chat Platform

Today we're very excited to announce the official launch of Nurph, The Twitter Chat Platform. Using Twitter? You're going to love this. Find out more in the brand new intro video and join us for the upcoming launch party Twitter Chat...

To celebrate the launch and to demonstrate how the platform works, we're hosting a launch party Twitter Chat on the #Nurph hashtag today, Weds 21st May, at 9am PST / 11am CT / 5pm GMT. You can RSVP right now, or arrive early and get your seat in the Nurph Channel on #Nurph. We've also created special video invitations for select number of Celebrity VIPs to join the launch party.

If you've created a Twitter account, spent years tweeting status updates, building-up a Twitter Following, but all the while wondering wondering, "how do I get more out of Twitter?", we have the answer. A Nurph Channel is dedicated discussion forum for hosting Twitter Chats for your Twitter Followers & wider Twitter Community. Start Channeling your Twitter Conversations in a Nurph Channel for highly engaged community, long-lived conversations, and a whole new reason to use Twitter.

Take 3 simple steps to revolutionise your Twitter experience:

  1. Schedule a Twitter Chat in your Nurph Channel
  2. Invite Your Followers
  3. Take your Twitter Experience to a Whole New Level!

Nurph was incorporated in 2009, although many years of work were invested prior to that. However, it wasn't until June 2013 that Nurph gained traction with its first Twitter Community in the form of #LitChat. Fast forward to the present day and over 10,000 Twitter Users, hundreds of Twitter Chats, and renowned organisations like UPS, HP, and Xerox, are all in the Nurph. 

Nurph has gained popularity with Twitter Users and Twitter Chats because of the following features:

  • Twitter Chat Planning and Management
  • Guest Lists for VIP & Celebrity Friendly Twitter Chats
  • Super-Simple, Real-Time Group Chat
  • Chat Replays
  • Chat Statistics

And here's just a sample of the incredible feedback Nurph is getting:

It's incredibly exciting to have reached the point where Nurph is used thousands of people across the World. But there's so much more to come. You ain't seen Nurphin' yet ;)

See you in the Nurph.