A New Tool for Running Twitter Hashtags

@bhamchat is a weekly online conversation about Birmingham, AL that takes place on Tuesday nights from 7-8:30 p.m. CT. Courtesy of @bhamterminal. And on the 12th January, 2011, @bhamchat held their chat session in Nurph rather than in the Twitter timeline.

You can read the entire conversation transcript right here http://nurph.com/bhamchat/logs/12-January-2011 and it features the following Twitter community members...

- @bhamchat, the moderator
- @chris_depew
- @ageekgirl
- @thegeekwife
- @salsaritasoho
- @ButtermilkMeeks
- @tmgoodrich
- @dgarvich
- and @sheets

But why would @bhamchat have chosen to use Nurph in the first place? Here are just some of the reasons that @bhamchat would have noted when migrating their Twitter chat session over to Nurph:

  • Twitter: Limited to 140 chars.
  • Twitter: Hashtag participants have to include the hashtag in every tweet.
  • Twitter: Hashtag participants broadcast their hashtag tweets to ALL their followers.
  • Twitter: No moderation. Anyone can spam your hashtag.
  • Twitter: Pulling together transcripts is tricky.
  • Nurph: No character limit. It's real-time chat!
  • Nurph: No need to include a hashtag in every remark. Just chat naturally.
  • Nurph: Participants don't broadcast their every remark to their followers.
  • Nurph: Moderation for free. You can hand pick the people who can chat (only the people you follow), and everyone else can watch.
  • Nurph: Transcripts come for free, and on easily shared URLs.
  • Nurph: Transcripts read much more like a cohesive conversation the than 140 character hashtag search results do.
  • Nurph: Twitter profiles, @Anywhere and tweet-streaming are baked right in to the core of Nurph. The integration with Twitter is almost seamless.

Are you running a Twitter hashtag? Use Nurph for your next chat session and see the benefits. Just login to Nurph and get chatting.