Free Your Chat From Twitter's 140 Character Limit

@swombat (CTO of @Woobius) was tweeting away with @destraynor (User Experience Lead at, but after a small number of tweets @swombat decided that the conversation needed to move to somewhere that was far more conducive to conversation than Twitter and it's 140 character limit & staccato nature. After all, Twitter is a broadcast system - it wasn't built for the fast-paced, in-depth conversation that it often initiates. But here's how @swombat used Nurph to workaround Twitter's limitations and to seamlessly move to a real-time chat room with @destraynor...

1. @swombat tweeted a link to

2. @swombat and @destraynor both clicked the link and joined the Channel (a Twitter chat room).

3. They chatted in real-time in a chat room belonging to @swombat that was custom built for the Twitter eco-system.

@swombat and @destraynor got, and continue to get, the following benefits from using Nurph to chat; no 140 character limit, (chat-tastic!), real-time chat, no spamming of their Twitter follower timelines, no more working around in-reply-to links, real-time tweet streaming from @swombat's profile (so people in the channel can see what @swombat is tweeting), automatic chat transcripts which are easily shared back on twitter, and last but not least - Nurph extends Twitter's social rules, meaning anyone who @swombat follows can chat in the Channel and contribute to the conversation, but the followers can still watch the chat happening in real-time without participating in the conversation.

Finally, @swombat tweeted his thoughts on Nurph.

Do you chat in Twitter? Try tweeting a link to your Nurph Channel, bringing your Twitter community together, and chatting in real-time instead. And do you ever see two people chatting away like mad in Twitter? Send them a link to and tell them to chat in @Nurph!