@AllStartups: Real-Time Chat for Web Startups

@AllStartups is a Twitter community that's all about Web startups. If you're interested in new ideas for Web sites, Web applications, programming, design, HackerNews, Y-Combinator, TechCrunch, Mashable, RWW and the rest of the "startuppersphere", you should follow @AllStartups on Twitter and stop by #AllStartups on Nurph to chat in real-time with likeminded startup enthusiasts.

@AllStartups, like every Nurph Channel, is open 24/7 to Twitter chatterers, but Friday afternoon is the peak time to chat, and last Friday was no exception. After reading @IqbalGandham's guest post on @TCEurope, I posted a tweet from the @AllStartups account and kicked-off a real-time chat session about bootstrapping and related startup topics. During the session, twelve insightful startup community members stopped by, including..

- @MikeButcher, TechCrunch UK Editor
- @DuaneJackson, Kashflow founder
- @IqbalGandham, TC UK contributor
- @Swombat, Woobius co-founder
- @joelg87, @bufferapp founder
- @PaulDJohnston, Padajo.com founder
- @leggetter, Kwwika founder
- @paul_ww, Zubworld founder
- @nickwsmith, Emot.io founder

...and thanks to Nurph's transcripts feature, here's a direct link to entire conversation archive for you to read through (if you're a budding startup founder or just interested in startups, you'll definitely enjoy reading through this):


Would you like to bring your Twitter community together in real-time? Just log-in to Nurph, tweet a link to your Nurph Channel, and start chatting.