@Nurph said: Today we're very proud to announce some exciting news and to launch The New Nurph Channels!

@Eggdough said: @Nurph Amazing! The Nurph Channels have come along way since first being featured on TechCrunch in 2010 http://goo.gl/3G52m

@Jestly said: @Nurph Wow you guys are really rocking out in the new Nurph commercial!

The Big News


- Nurph has closed further angel investment from a new investor
- This follows on from a £55,000 investment in 2010 http://goo.gl/3G52m
- The new funding brings total investment to over £200,000 combining:

  • Angel Investment
  • Directors Loans, Friends & Family Borrowings


Today we're officially launching the New Nurph Channels! Make A Home for Your Twitter Hashtag in a Nurph Channel:

  • Schedule Real-time Group Twitter Chats
  • Gather Your Twitter Community in Real-time
  • Record Chats
  • Watch REPLAYS of Chats
  • View Statistics of Chats
  • Browse and Search through a World of Twitter Conversations!

There's a brand new Nurph TV commercial to celebrate the launch:


Nurph has continued to bring on board fantastic Twitter Communities since our last update less than 2 months ago, including:

  • #BoardGameHour (a trending hashtag)
  • #TutorChat
  • #BoardGamersAsk
  • #NostalgiaChat
  • #RotaryChat
  • #NSAchat

- There's more amazing feedback each day:

Thanks for reading. See you in the brand new Nurph Channels!