@Nurph's Up: 01/11/2013 -- Rock a Twitter a Chat!

@Nurph said: Great news. We're in a new Twitter Chat video series by the #MomBizMondays team!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph excellent! What's the series about?
@Nurph said: @Eggdough How to Rock a Twitter Chat!
@Jestly said: @Nurph that's right up our t̶w̶e̶e̶t̶ street!

What's new in Nurph?


- #SciFiChat: @richmagahiz Nurphed the hashtag to chat Sci-Fi.

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @michaelmhughes, @ChatSalad, @Pendare @LibrarianMarian, @richmagahiz, @novemberhill entered the Nurph Channel for a Halloween Horror edition of #litchat. "With us today is @MichaelMHughes, author of BLACKWATER LIGHTS."


- #LitChat: LitChat, @ChatSalad, @MarcFitten, @hoi_polloi23, @GLHancock, @Arzooman_Edit, @JackieChanel, @Pendare, @LibrarianMarian, @TonyNoland, @ImDavidAbrams Nurphed it up for "Netiquitte for Authors today in #litchat MediaMonday, 4-5pmET"

- #MomBizMondays: @shelaghcummins, @Scripti_Ashley, @mombizcoach entered their Nurph Channel for a special Giveaway chat:


- #CommBuild: @Reedstockman Nurphed it up to chat with the Community Building chat community.

- #RBChat: @cammipham hit the #RBChat Nurph Channel to discuss "Managing Your Manager".


- #Brandchat: @brandchat, @mariaduron, @AdinaArrow, @Kristinruther, @Kelli_MktgComms, @ChatSalad, @tub, @LightsourceCC, @abowersock, @Scripti_Ashley Nurphed it up for BRANDARCHY:

- #BRANDarchy: AdinaArrow, @LightsourceCC, @brandchat, @abowersock, @mariaduron, @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @tub moved across to #BRANDarchy after spammers hit the #BrandChat hashtag:

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @writershona, @Pendare, @SheanaOchoa, @LibrarianMarian, @richmagahiz, @JRSinason, @robynmcintyre jumped on the Nurph: "Are you ready for #NaNoWriMo? We are. Join us for the next hour as we talk strategy for writing habits, rituals, and craft."


- #SEOchat: @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @scripti_meg, @MattNeSmith were tweeting from the Nurph Channel:

- #innochat: @Scripti_Ashley, @AaronCohrs, @JohnWLewis, @ChatSalad, @Renee_Hopkins, @scripti_meg, @jaykannan Nurphed the hashtag for the chat about Innovation:

#HBRogue: @AaronCohrs, @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @scripti_meg, @Nurph jumped on the Nurph Channel:

- #MediaMadness: @AaronCohrs, @Scripti_Ashley, @ChatSalad, @scriptilabs, @scripti_meg, @AustinPaley, @JacksonSalza, @mombizcoach were Nurphin' it up to chat "PPC: Trick or Treat?"

#UGCChat: @ChatSalad, @cammipham jumped on the Nurph Channel to chat about user generated content.#UGCChat: @ChatSalad, @cammipham jumped on the Nurph Channel to chat about user generated content.

Bug Fixes

- Spam Blocking! Both #BrandChat and #HBRogue were hit with spam during hashtag chats this week. Our new spam filtering mechanism will block out the type of spam they saw on their chats:

New Features

- We've renamed "Anonymous Users" to "Viewers"! This way it's clearer what's going on. Viewers are people who are simply viewing the Channel, not contributing!

How to Rock a Twitter Chat: Part #1 How to Join a Twitter Chat

Exciting news! We've joined forces with the MomBiz team to produce a video series all about "How to Rock a Twitter Chat"! Here's the first video in the series, "How to Join a Twitter Chat":

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone.



p.s. Do you run a Twitter Chat community that gets hit with spam? Or do you participate in any that do? We'd like to hear from you! Tweet me @Nurph.