@Nurph's Up: 04/04/2014 - The Twitter Chat Platform

@Nurph said: We're launching a new slogan for Nurph, "Nurph. The Twitter Chat Platform".

@Eggdough said: @Nurph excellent! Nurph is all about Twitter Chats, so this makes perfect sense. 

What's new in Nurph?

@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight just a few of the great chats happening in the Nurph throughout the week. Check them out!

Friday, 28th March

- #Talkprint: 8 Participants including @workflowz, @mccabeben, @PrintMediaCentr were Nurphin' it to chat about print.
- #genchat: 7 Participants including @mslaceyloo, @geneapleau, @ancestryjourney tuned in to chat about geneology.
- #Dream4TK: 6 Participants including @NBCiclovia, @Dream4TK, @NJBikeWalk, were chatting in the Channel.

Monday, 31st March

- #BoardGameHour: 45 Participants Nurphed it up to chat "International Tabletop Day". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/BoardGameHour/chats/231
- #tutorchat: 10 Participants tuned in to chat about making a good impression online.
- #MomBizMondays: 8 Participants including @shelaghcummins, @WatkinSBS, @larawellman Nurphed the hashtag to chat about big challenges when starting out.

Tuesday, 1st April

- #NSAChat: @sierramodro, @NSAChat, @elizgreene Nurphed it up to chat "Secrets of Success Revealed". Watch the chat again: http://nurph.com/NSAChat/chats/181
- #AssnChat: 12 Participants including @assnchat, @DonnaVieira, @SarahLugo were Nurphin' it up for "Association Chat: Nondues Revenue". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/assnchat/replay?chat_id=233
- #treechat: 6 Nurphers were chatting "No Fooling! Facts & Fiction About Trees". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/treechat/chats/232 

Wednesday, 2nd April

- #brandchat: 26 Nurphers were chatting "BRANDS + CONVERSATIONS". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/brandchat/chats/193
- #PrintChat: 28 Participants were Nurphin' on "Creating Opportunities For Print: Making Something from Nothing!". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/PrintChat/chats/229
- #BoardGamersAsk: 11 Participants Nurphed it up to chat with Scott Nicholson. Watch Again: http://nurph.com/BoardGamersAsk/chats/226
- #LitChat: 11 Participants hopped on the Nurph Channel "Guest Host: Aaron Belz". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/LitChat/chats/236
- #landscapechat: 5 Participants Nurphed it up to chat "Greenroofs". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/landscapechat/chats/235
- #aacpdm: 4 Participants were Nurphin' on "journal club 1". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/aacpdm/chats/227 

Thursday, 3rd April

- #VeganFoodChat: 5 Nurphers turned in to the Channel to chat "The Costs of Plant-Based Eating". Watch Again: http://nurph.com/VeganFoodChat/chats/200

Sweet Tweets

@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight kind tweets about Nurph throughout the week.

Bug Fixes

- Watch this whitespace!

New Features

Participants List and the Chat Host
If present in the Nurph Channel, the Host is always at the top of the participants list.

"The Twitter Chat Platform"
Nurph has a new home page slogan - "Nurph. The Twitter Chat Platform". Check it out on http://Nurph.com.

Most Retweeted Tweets
The most retweeted tweets during a chat are tallied up and shown on the chat statistics page, e.g.

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone!


p.s Join us for an upcoming chat about Nurph and Twitter Chats!