@Nurph's Up: 11/04/2014 -- Nurph on #CMGRHangout

[@Eggdough's Note: This is a blog post we wanted to publish a little while ago, but we've been working so hard that we haven't had a chance 'til now!]

@Nurph said: We were lucky enough to be invited on to the #CMGRHangout Web show by @sprout_sarah!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph that's great! We often see Nurphers in the #CMGRHangout Nurph Channel at the same time as the show.
@Nurph said: @Eggdough it sure was! Hopefully we'll see more of the #CMGRHangout participants in the Nurph in the future!

What's new in Nurph?

[@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight just a few of the great chats happening in the Nurph throughout the week. Check them out and watch them again!]

- #BoardGameHour: "International Tabletop Day" http://nurph.com/BoardGameHour/chats/231
- #MomBizMondays: "big challenges when starting out".
- #NSAChat: "Secrets of Success Revealed". http://nurph.com/NSAChat/chats/181
- #AssnChat: "Association Chat: Nondues Revenue": http://nurph.com/assnchat/replay?chat_id=233
- #treechat: "No Fooling! Facts & Fiction About Trees". http://nurph.com/treechat/chats/232
- #brandchat: "BRANDS + CONVERSATIONS" http://nurph.com/brandchat/chats/193
- #PrintChat: "Creating Opportunities For Print: Making Something from Nothing!" http://nurph.com/PrintChat/chats/229
- #BoardGamersAsk: "Scott Nicholson." (Game Designer) http://nurph.com/BoardGamersAsk/chats/226
- #Nurph: "Twitter Chats: Solving Twitter's User Engagement Problem" http://nurph.com/Nurph/chats/224

Cool Community

[@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight interesting things that have happened around Nurph or mentions of Nurph elsewhere on the Internet.]

Nurph Founder @NeilCauldwell was lucky enough to be invited on the #CMGRHangout panel by @sprout_sarah to discuss "So you want to grow a community?". Re-watch the live video stream right here:

We held the first ever #Nurph Chat!

Sweet Tweets

[@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight kind tweets about Nurph throughout the week.]

Bug Fixes

- None this week (watch this whitespace!)

New Features

- If present, the Chat Host is always at the top of the participants list!
- The "Most Retweeted Tweets" during a chat are now listed on the Chat Stats page!

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone!


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