@Nurph's Up: 11/10/2013 -- Questions!

@Nurph said: Guys, wouldn't it be great if you could list the Questions planned for your Upcoming Chats?
@Eggdough said: @Nurph Yes! Also I like how that's a question about a 'Questions' feature.
@Nurph said: @Eggdough Well now you can add Questions to your Upcoming Chat sessions! Check out this example: http://nurph.com/AllStartups/chats/1
@Eggdough said: @Nurph that's chat-planning-tastic!
@Jestly said: @Nurph OK, but one last question...

What's New in Nurph?


- #SciFiChat: @JRSinason, @ChatSalad, @richmagahiz stopped by for "Topic: Science Fiction Crime" 

- #LitChat: @richmagahiz, @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @DanielKalla, @HarperCollinsCa, @BeckyElliott529, @SavvyReader, @JRSinason, @Pendare were chatting with international best selling author @DanielKalla about his latest novel, "Rising Sun, Falling Shadow" 


#B1GCats: @richmagahiz stopped by to chat about the game.


- #ContentChat: @BusinessKeira entered the Nurph Channel for the weekly chat. From ChatSalad.com: "A chat about content marketing featuring guest experts on such topics as: social media, content management, community building and more." 

#LitChat: @ChatSalad, @LitChat, @SheanaOchoa, @LibrarianMarian, @MarcFitten, @pubslush Nurphed it up to discuss the topic: "Reading & Writing About Sex" 

- #MomBizMondays: @mombizcoach, @shelaghcummins, @trishasurani, @Lifesorted1, @ChatSalad hit the Channel to chat about the topic "How to Create Rituals in Your Biz That Help You Stand Apart From Your Competitors".


#RBChat: @cammipham stopped by to chat Twitter! 


#LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @tub, @Pendare, @JRSinason, @MarcFitten, @richmagahiz stopped by for WritingWednesday, "WritingWednesday. Today we're continuing Part 2 discussion of Dan Harmon story circles."


#SEOchat: @scripti_meg, @Scripti_Ashley Nurphed the Channel to chat about SEO.
#innochat: @Scripti_Ashley, @ChatSalad hit the Nurph Channel to discuss how startup companies start innovations.

#HBRogue: @scripti_meg, @Scripti_Ashley, @AaziaDee, @ChatSalad were chatting about the importance of personal networking

#MediaMadness: @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @scripti_meg, @EnableITS, @timmermanngroup, @scriptilabs, @AaronCohrs, @StormArrow, @mombizcoach, @JacksonSalza, @jaynightsdesign, @AustinPaley were discussing "optimizing interactive user feedback".

Bug Fixes

- We've fixed some intermittent slow/delayed processing of tweets. This might not sound that exciting but it'll make a big difference.

New Features

- You can now list the Questions for your Upcoming Chats!
- Channels now show when a chat session is "on air"!

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone.



p.s. Thanks for the retweet, @JLichtenberg!