@Nurph's Up: 12/09/2014 -- It's Amazing!

@Nurph said: Thanks to @misterfeeney for this kind tweet about using Nurph for #BufferChat this week!

@Eggdough said: @Nurph fantastic! It's great to see established companies like @Buffer engaging with their Friends & Followers via chats :)

@Nurph said: @Eggough Yes! Let's hope more companies are inspired to start their own Twitter Chats!

What's new in Nurph?

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Cool Community

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This week @MariaDuron has published a new Nurph Review video on YouTube! Make sure you check it out! It's an in-depth look at Nurph from the perspective of the host of a well-established and highly regarded Twitter Chat!

Sweet Tweets

[@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight kind tweets about Nurph throughout the week.]

Bug Fixes

- If a Nurpher's computer clock is fast their tweets will no longer get stuck at the bottom of the timeline because of their timestamp being set in the future!

New Features

- Have you ever accidentally Favorited or Retweeted a tweet because of the pace of a chat? Well now the timeline holds still if you're trying to Favorite or Retweet a tweet!

- The Channel hashtag is shown in a big bold font at the top of a chat page

- Both the "Local Time" and "Your Time" are listed on a chat page so that you can see what time a chat occurs for the host.

- There's a new area that lists chats by their "Tweet Count"!

Until Next Time

See you in the Nurph!