@Nurph's Up: 14/02/2014 -- Ain't Nurphin' To It But To Do It

@Nurph said: Guys, #RotaryChat jumped on to Nurph this week and created their first Nurph Chat, complete with Replay and Stats!

@Eggdough said: @Nurph that's excellent. It's exactly what we like to see Twitter Chat Hosts doing!

@Nurph said: @Eggdough for sure! Create a chat event, hold the chat in the Nurph Channel, and gain the benefits of a Chat Replay + Statistics! 

@Jestly said: @Nurph there ain't Nurphin' to it but to do it!

What's new in Nurph?

Friday, 7th January

- #Talkprint: @Scotia_Press, @PrintMediaCentr, @Nurph Nurphed it up to chat all about print.
- #GroundChat: @UrbanHortMN, @Nurph, @KirkMcKay were Nurphin' the chat for "reminerilzing soil".
- #CXOTalk: @DnBUS, @Scripti_Ashley, @Nurph hit the Nurph Channel for the chat where thought leaders discuss their evolving industries.

Other interesting Nurph Channels for the day include:
#travelskills, #SharkBuds

Sunday, 9th Feb

- #AdChat: @RachelHitzig and @LovelySetDesign Nurphed it up for the chat about ads.

Monday, 10th Feb

- #LitChat: @JLovesAStory, @LitChat, @kashicat, @JRSinason, @writingkristin, @LibrarianMarian, @Nurph, @ChatSalad were discussing ROMANCE.

- #MomBizMondays: @shelaghcummins, @TatreezEmb, @jwedholmdesign, @larawellman, @HeatherJBurke Nurphed that hashtag to chat about storytelling.

- #contentchat: @lttlewys, @MichaelMooneyy, @sprout_sarah were Nurphin' it up to chat content.

Other interesting Nurph Channels for the day include:
#MenStyle, #mmchat

Tuesday, 11th Feb

- #Assnchat: @assnchat, @kikilitalien, @Nurph, @DonnaVieira, @KaitlinSolomon3, @SarahLugo, @RebRuther, @SarahJanetHill, @SmoothThePath, @NaylorLLC, @Mich_Jolly, @ChatSalad, @Burkartphoto, @johnfoleyjr were chatting Digital Strategy w/ @kikilitalien
Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/assnchat/chats/112

- #treechat: @treechat, @Tampaag, @wglandscape, @NJTrees were Nurphin' it up for "love of trees"
Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/treechat/chats/123

- #RotaryChat: @RotaryChat, @GeraldMoczynski, @CFA_Brownie, @blakeman12, @bottlingfog, @pommie81, @amrecker, @DAB475, @j_brian_hall
Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/RotaryChat/chats/124 

- #NSAChat: @loiscreamer, @Scripti_Ashley, @sierramodro, @Nurph, @ChatSalad were holding an open mic discussion on various topics.

Other interesting Nurph Channels for the day include:
#custserv, #pinchat, #cmworld, #CommBuild, #EdChat, #LikeableChat, #SMXChat, #socialcafe, #LeadFromWithin, #casesmc, #theSMgirl

Wednesday, 12th Feb

- #brandchat: @brandchat, @mariaduron, @melissacralph, @NeilCauldwell, @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @SaraBethMcP, @lttlewys, @iSocial_Fanz, @StudioOne, @HoardWhitney, @Mr_McFly, @robertkennedy3, @GeraldMoczynski, @flashframe, @mel_gonzo, @JennMaffeo, @mhames hit the Nurph Channel for topic "THEME: BRANDS + COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT".
Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/brandchat/chats/119

- #Landscapechat: @landscapechat, @GardenStacey, @BugladySuzanne, @mostlygardens, @h2oMatters, @wglandscape, @Tampaag, @Nurph, @ChatSalad entered the Nurph Channel for "Honey, Bee Mine!"
Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/landscapechat/chats/126

- #PrintChat: LesYUDU, @PrintChat, @PrintingBig, @IslandPrintGrp, @Nurph, @brookekubath, @tommytrc, @PrintMediaCentr, @inaflashlaser, @shop365store, @Gerbela, @miercs, @24HourPrintline, @RobynsWorld, @DakotaPressInc, @DesignsJennifer, @robwhitney, @stephroseg, @wrightsprinting, @IPCfolders, @perstephanie_, @Casey1901, @bruceww, @BSquaredNYC Nurphed it up for "Olympic Valentines Day Print Love Scavenger Hunt!"
Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/PrintChat/chats/125

Other interesting Nurph Channels for the day include:
#FundChat, #bareitall, #stylechat, #smchat, #SoloPR, #cmgrchat, #RaganSocial

Thursday, 13th Feb

- #Shoutout_UK: @WeGotIssuez, @badmanolag, @Nurph, @rico_n23, @1TheatreCompany, @Shoutout_UK, @NathanBryon, @Markeesha20, @AYGUILD, @ElleeGeorgia entered the Nurph Channel for "How to Get Into Theatre"
Watch the chat again: http://nurph.com/Shoutout_UK/chats/102

- #KloutChat: @GinaCarr, @PrintingBig, @ChatSalad, @DeniseGabbard, @kitson hopped on the Channel to chat all about Klout.

 Other interesting Nurph Channels for the day include:
#UGCChat, #HBRogue, #innochat, #SEOChat, #wenurses, #MarketingChat, #smmeasure 

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- We caught and resolved a tweet streaming issue within a few minutes of it occurring during #treetchat. It was due to a broken connection to the Twitter Streaming API.

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