@Nurph's Up: 15/11/2013 -- Things Are Looking Ups

@Nurph said: The #MomBizMondays team held a great chat this week. @TheUPSStore entered the #MomBizMondays Channel!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph that's fantastic. It's great to see businesses using Nurph Channels.
@Nurph said: @Eggdough sure is. Also @SkyStack were recently using their Nurph Channel for real-time drop-in sessions with customers.

What's new in Nurph?


- #SciFiChat: @richmagahiz, @Nurph, @ChatSalad entered the Nurph Channel to discuss "Topic: #Health in the #Future."

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @tub, @paullynchwriter, @richmagahiz, @LibrarianMarian, @Pendare Nurphed the hashtag to discuss @PaulLynchWriter's novel, RED SKY IN MORNING.


- #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @MarcFitten, @GLHancock, @Pendare hit Nurph for "We're discussing EBOOK SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES in today's #litchat".

- #NostalgiaChat: @kavita1010 entered the Nurph Channel to discuss, "What was your first visit to Blockbuster or another video rental store like".

- #MomBizMondays: @TheUPSStore, @SYTBizSolutions, @mombizcoach, @Chelseamarie84, @julielsimmonds, @shelaghcummins, @JenniferFrezza, @ElisabethSeigle, @MarisaGoudy, @amyboughner, @ChatSalad Nurphed the hashtag for "Join us tonight as we partner with @TheUPSStore for a fun-filled and informative #MomBizMondays Twitter chat about… shopping small."


- #RemembranceDay: @speechloga, @Nurph hopped on the Nurph Channel to see the #RemembranceDay tweets.


- #Brandchat: @pramodwbcom1, @opento, @tub, @Scripti_Ashley, @PR_IzzY06, @brandchat, @LaurenRosePR, @mariaduron, @abowersock, @StudioOne, @GeraldMoczynski, @Mr_McFly, @AnneReuss, @kingandfox, @Nurph, @ChatSalad entered the Nurph Channel to chat "THEME: BRANDS + STRATEGY":

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @Pendare, @michaelmhughes, @billiehinton, @briansweany Nurphed it up to chat "Getting Into the Flow, releasing your creative self. Join the convo: 4-5pmET." 


- #Shoutout_UK: @Shoutout_UK, @Nurph, @louise4london, @WeGotIssuez, @MichaelSani, @musunuruvijay54, @ChatSalad were chatting about "How to Start a Campaign":

- #SEOchat: @scripti_meg, @ChatSalad, @MattNeSmith, @Nurph, @RHoberg were chatting about Content Marketing with guest host @SEOAware.

- #ETCafe: @Scripti_Ashley, @aLondonWay, @Nurph were discussing the "Power of Digital Marketing".

- #innochat: @Scripti_Ashley, @JohnWLewis, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @jaykannan, @mattbrat1 jumped on the Nurph Channel to chat "Morals vs. Markets Part 3".

- #HBRogue: @Scripti_Ashley, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @VizwerxGroup, @scripti_meg, @mkosmicki entered Nurph to discuss "Appreciation @ Work".

- #MediaMadness: scripti_meg, @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @scriptilabs, @mombizcoach, @hannahcbeck, @Nurph, @AustinPaley, @AaronCohrs, @gabriellaflom, @mariaduron, @flakdinenno Nurphed it up to chat "automating processes to actually take a holiday this season"

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- We've fixed clickable URL 'auto-linking' when the link included '&'
- An low frequency issue with tweet streaming has been fixed

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How to Rock a Twitter Chat: Part #3

It's time for part 3 of our videos series "How to Rock a Twitter Chat" with the MomBiz team. Let's find out how to set up a Twitter Chat!

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