@Nurph's Up: 16/08/2013 -- Every Retweet Counts

@Nurph said: @Eggdough did you ever see a tweet in a Nurph Channel and wonder how many times it had been retweeted?
@Eggdough said: @Nurph sure! All the time.
@Nurph said: @Eggdough well now the Nurph Channels have a real-time counter of the number of times each tweet has been retweeted!
@Jestly said: @Nurph heh, every retweet counts.

What's new in Nurph?


#LitChat: @LitChat, @GLHancock, @DutchessAbroad, @JRSinason, @SezinKoehler, and @TrishFeehan were chatting in real-time with @Koethi_Zan about her debut novel, The Never List.

- #SciFiChat: @soniawrite, @GLHancock, @JRSinason stopped by the Nurph Channel to watch the Sci-Fi tweets streaming by.


#LitChat: @LitChat, @Pendare, @TrishFeehan, @hoi_polloi23 discussed the topic "THE BEST WRITING ADVICE YOU EVER RECEIVED".
- #MomBizMondays: @mombizcoach, @shelaghcummins brought the community together to discuss schedules and keeping organised. 
- #ContentChat: @MaryGreenIM, @BusinessKeira, @ChatList used Nurph for the Twitter chat about Content Marketing.


- #RBChat: @cammipham and @SnobAffair had @Eat24 on board as a special guest for #RBChat. 

- #LinkedInChat: @MaryGreenIM maybe next time! :-) 


#LitChat: @LitChat, @Pendare, @TrishFeehan, @SciFiCafe, @Smoph, @SQ_Mag, @LibrarianMarian Nurphed-it-up to chat about 'character assassinations' and 'Killing off your characters' in novels and literature. 


#MediaMadness: @scriptilabs, @scripti_meg, @Scripti_Ashley, @jpierce963, @JohnstonTech, @AmandaSueHowell, @AustinPaley joined their weekly Twitter chat to chat about how to "making uninteresting products sound interesting".

Bug Fixes

- A bug that prevented the "remaining character counter" from updating after the "RT" link was pressed has been fixed. 

New Features

There's LOADS this week!

- There's a new feature that detects when someone is repeatedly joining/leaving a channel and reduces the number of 'presence events' that are shown in the timeline. This is great when someone has an intermittent internet connection.

- Retweets now have a much sleeker appearance in the timeline.

- A real-time "Retweets" count shows how many times a tweet has been retweeted! 


We're quietly beta testing http://ChatSalad.com (@ChatSalad). Here's why...

We wanted a tool that:

  • a) made it easy to see Twitter chats that were happening soon
  • b) showed all chats that were happening today 
  • c) converted the start times in to our local time zones. 

That's http://ChatSalad.com. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone!



p.s. Is there a topic you would like to see a Twitter chat for?