@Nurph's Up: 17/01/2014 -- Entrepreneur Magazine and UPS!

@Nurph said: Great news! We now also show the appended hashtags in the Nurph Channels for the tweets that originate from a Nurph Channel!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph Woohoo! Some people were confused by this when they first arrived. This means a better first impression!
@Jestly said: @Nurph Yes I think we previously made a bit of a hash(tag) of that ;)
@Nurph said: @Eggdough @Jestly Oh and one more thing…we have our first Fortune 500 company using Nurph!
@Nurph said: ...@TheUPSStore held a #MentorMonth Twitter Chat in Nurph with Amy Cosper (@EntMagazineAmy) editor of Entrepreneur.com!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph that's awesome!

What's new in Nurph?

Friday, 10th January

- #LitChat: Moved to Mondays and Wednesdays only!

- #Talkprint: @PrintMediaCentr, @mccabeben, @Scotia_Press, @yourbct, @_PinkCustard, @PrintChampion, @ChatSalad, @Nurph Nurphed it up for their first Twitter chat of 2014.

- #SharkBuds: @SharkBuds, @MichelleBurley1, @KimsKlutterMO, @otchudx, @Free2BMia, @Scorpio1080, @flakdinenno, @JarquinNes, @TheMonalisa02, @MichelleLDuncan, @Inwood147, @H___daily, @Im_A_Vet, @Nurph entered the Nurph to chat about the #SharkTank TV show.

Monday, 13th January

- #seotalk: @Scripti_Ashley, @Nurph, @Thepriyalparikh, @ChatSalad popped on the Nurph Channel to chat all about SEO.

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @Pendare, @LibrarianMarian, @JRSinason, @Nurph, @ChatSalad entered the Nurph and used a piece in @NYTimes magazine for basis of the discussion: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/12/magazine/the-murderer-and-the-manuscript.html

- #contentchat: @StudioOne, @Nurph, @Hoovers, and @ChatSalad Nurphed it up to chat all about online content.

- #JobHuntChat: @kayla_hollatz and @Nurph hit the Channels to chat all about Job Hunting. 

- #nurseup: @HealthyNaL Nurphed the hashtag on the chat for #caregivers, #healthcare professionals, #nurses, #doctors, and #seniors.

- #MomBizMondays: @MomBizDotCom, @mombizcoach, @shelaghcummins, @SYTBizSolutions, @jptoyrental, @jwedholmdesign, @LauraRolands, @HeatherJBurke, @Nurph jumped on their Nurph Channel for "Learning – what you need to know as the CEO & what you don’t need to know!"

Tuesday, 14th January

- #cmworld: @melissacralph, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @Scripti_Ashley, @WhatRunsWhere jumped in the Nurph to chat about content marketing…"Q1: How should marketing agencies think about evolving in 2014?"

- #NSAChat: @loiscreamer, @sierramodro, @NSAChat, @prleads, @KevinDJones, @tbchicago1, @Nurph, @SandiCoryell were chatting in their Nurph Channel "Q1: So, @prleads: what are some of the myths that are stopping people from becoming famous"…

- #Assnchat: @assnchat, @kikilitalien, @shashib, @SarahJanetHill, @KaitlinSolomon3, @GregParker_, @NaylorLLC, @DSKSolutions, @CallieCady, @Scripti_Ashley, @ChatSalad, @EricMisic, @Nurph Nurphed in up for the first ever #Assnchat in their Nurph Channel! 

Watch the chat again via the Chat Replay!

- #AskAngel: @KathrynCTreat hopped on the Nurph Channel.

- #casesmc: @jpdoak, @mikeoneill76, @Nurph hit the hashtag Channel and took Nurph for a spin for the first time.

- #treechat: @NJTrees, @Tampaag tried their Nurph Channel for the first time.

Wednesday, 15th January

- #daychat: @Scripti_Ashley, @ChatSalad, @Nurph entered the Channel for a brand new chat.

- #brandchat: brandchat, @staciewalker, @Nurph, @Scripti_Ashley, @ChatSalad, @AlessiaTurchi, @melissacralph, @YearickMillea, @StudioOne, @mariaduron, @PrintingBig, @Mr_McFly, @sosocialann, @strategexe, @EmilyQuestions, @iSocial_Fanz, @GeraldMoczynski, @JesKorn, @amoyal, @SatEvePost, @KompasStrategy, @mattcdowning Nurphed it up for "BRANDS + THE BRAND EXPERIENCE"

Watch the chat again via the powers of Nurph Chat Replays!

- #fundchat: @gerryhoch, @Nurph, @ReedStockman joined the Nurph Channel to chat about donor retention.

- #smchat: @MaddyM_SC, @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @JennMaffeo, @ICUC, @JennaW_SC, @mikedelgado, @kgosland Nurphed it up for "Measurement & Outcomes for #PR".

- #hcsmca: @NatriceR tried out Nurph for the first time for the "Health Care Social Media Canada" chat.

- #Landscapechat: @GetOrganicGirl, @ChatSalad, @PermalocEdging, @Nurph were Nurphin' it up.

- #bareitall: @JennMaffeo entered the Nurph for the #bareitall chat.

- #ExpoChat: @steinlabs, @Nurph took to the Nurph Channel for the chat about trade shows.

- #MHchat: @HugTrainUSA, @Nurph Nurphed the hashtag for the MentalHealth chat.

- #cmgrchat: @mattcdowning, @ICUC, @ChatSalad, @Nurph were chatting about "hosting events for your community".

- #SEOpub: @fighto and @Nurph joined one of the top SEO Twitter Chats.

- #PrintChat: SPG_DaveR, @Nurph, @PrintChat, @movad, @PrintMediaCentr, @PrintingBig, @TSPKelly, @DakotaPressInc, @macfixer_1, @wrightsprinting, @InkOnDaPaper, @stephroseg, @IslandPrintGrp, @tommytrc, @miercs, @theodavisprint, @BSquaredNYC, @toughLoveforx, @PrintChampion, @MimakiUSA, @RWDberg, @graphii, @ProSourcePrint, @fpenalver07 Nurphed the hashtag to chat "Are MEN or WOMEN better #Print Customers?" 

Watch the real-time Chat Replay right here!

- #LitChat: @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @hchessman, @LitChat, @Micah_Wolf, @LibrarianMarian, @MarcFitten, @Pendare, @tettig entered the Channel to chat "THE BEAUTY OF ORDINARY THINGS", the new novel by @hchessman.

- #BigBeacon: @ewbmcgill took the Nurph Channel for a spin.

- #wjchat: @HannahGiardina Nurphed it up for the web journalists chat.

Thursday, 16th January

- #SEOchat: @MattNeSmith, @RHoberg, @ErikaHClark all entered the Nurph Channel to chat all about SEO.

- #ETCafe: @Scripti_Ashley, @ChatSalad, @Nurph jumped in to Nurph land for the Exact Target 

- #Shoutout_UK: @WeGotIssuez, @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @CrowdPatch, @Shoutout_UK, @prosperplus, @Scripti_Ashley Nurphed the hashtag to chat about Crowd Funding.
Watch the real-time chat replay right here!

#smmeasure: @SteveCassady, @ErikaHClark, @Nurph, @JennaW_SC, @MaddyM_SC, @iSocial_Fanz hopped on the Nurph Channel to chat about social media measurement.

#HBRogue: @scripti_meg, @CharleeHanna, @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @Nurph hit the hashtag to chat about "Managing Up."

#UGCchat: @ICUC and @ChatSalad for the weekly chat about User Generated Content. 

#AWCchat: @AWCchat, @Nurph, @Miss_Dazey, @ChatSalad, @NeilCauldwell were in the Channel for @AWCchat's first test of Nurph!     

#innochat: @Scripti_Ashley, @hanna_mcphee, @Renee_Hopkins, @NeilCauldwell, @Nurph, @mattbrat1, @JohnWLewis, @ChatSalad Nurphed that hashtag for "Integrating #Design Thinking & Scientific Process w guest @hanna_mcphee"

#MediaMadness: The team hit technical issues this week (sounds like a power outtage in their office), but I'm sure they'll be back next week with another great chat!

#MarketingChat: @JennMaffeo was Nurphin' for a chat about content marketing.

#mchang: @mchang from Google took @Nurph for a quick spin. @mchang we hope to see you in a Twitter Chat soon! 

#MentorMonth: @MentorMonth, @NeilCauldwell, @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @TheUPSStore, @Chelseamarie84, @zoesangerman1, @carlosroquex, @EntMagazineAmy, @EntCommunity, @DaretoInnovate joined the Nurph Channel for the first #MentorMonth chat in the Nurph. Amy Cosper, editor of Entrepreneur Magazine, was a guest host! Thanks @EntMagazineAmy! 

Watch the real-time chat replay right here!

#b2bchat: @mcsantacaterina and @SteveCassady hopped on the Channel to chat "B2B Product Marketing: Is Customer Experience Driving the Bus? "

#ArkEdChat: @hdickens entered the Nurph World - "Join us as we Talk Tech PD for #EdLeaders #TICAL14"

- #mediachat: @DM_Training entered the Channel for a chat with guest host @MerlinUWard on the topic of “You Get What You Give”.

Bug Fixes

- ".@User" prefixed with a full-stop is now turned in to a link (just as you would expect!)

New Features

- The Appended Hashtag is now shown within Nurph Channels too!
- Super Faster loading of Chat Replays (you'll love this!)
- Updated the "New Chats" form to make it clear that the hashtag is fixed to the Nurph Channel on which you're creating the chat.
- [BETA] A brand new area for browsing and watching past Twitter Chats in real-time! You've got to see this! http://nurph.com/chats/past

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone.



p.s HAPPY FIFTH BIRTHDAY to our Friends @LitChat! 

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