@Nurph's Up: 18/04/2014 -- Brand & Industry Chats

@Nurph said: We were lucky to see @PrintingBig hosting a print industry Twitter Chat in the Nurph this week, with 3M, HP and Xerox participating!

@Eggdough said: @Nurph rock on! It's great to see established brands becoming involved in Twitter Chats!

What's new in Nurph?

[@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight just a few of the great chats happening in the Nurph throughout the week. Check them out and watch them again!]

- #SoCapOtt: Social Capital community comes together to talk social media
- #PrintingBig: Wide Format Printing in 2014
- #BoardGameHour: Teaching Games
- #NSAChat: Branding with Bruce Turkel - host Lois Creamer
- #AssnChat: Association Chat: Crisis Communications and PR Nightmares
- #treechat: Free Forum Discussion
- #SMXChat: Twitter Chat etiquette – Are we doing this right?
- #Nurph: Celebrity Twitter Chats
- #BoardGamersAsk: Mr Stephen Buonocore President Stronghold Games
- #LandscapeChat: National Landscape Architecture Month
- #PrintChat: Perfecting the 21st Century Catalog
- #SEOGOFISH: How Social Impacts SEO
- #VeganFoodChat: Do Real Men Eat Meat?

Cool Community

[@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight interesting things that have happened around Nurph or mentions of Nurph elsewhere on the Internet.]

@EricBurgess and the team at Multi Corp Marketing posted "The 411 on Tweet Chats" and included some kind words about Nurph!

More Nurph puns?...
"...I liked your Nurphity tweeting. @Nurph - in your office do you say nurph-off or nurphalicious? (Like Smurfs:))"

Sweet Tweets

[@Eggdough's Note: In this section we highlight kind tweets about Nurph throughout the week.]

"and loved the suggestion for Nurph, made following so much easier!!!"
"I love this nurph site… #leadfromwithin"
"@bitofmomsense thank you for telling me about NURPH! I am loving it"
"#Beasties! Got a new tool for you to use for your trend events/tweet chats..."
"...have you guys used nurph? I really like it for chats"
"It's awesome. It doesn't change anything, except making it better."
"Superb! Seems a great platform! #SMXChat #SMXChat"
"thank you for telling me about NURPH! I am loving it"
"...You'll like it..the questions alway appear at the top. #PrintChat"
"...@Nurph rocks. Simple to use and makes twitter chats easy to manage"
"Yeah nurph is working fine for me. I LOVE nurph. #smmeasure"
"Gotta say I've loved using #Nurph for this. Makes the tweets a lot easier to track. recommended! #seochat"
"...It worked smoother than anything else I've used. Briiliant! Plus you can replay"
"@gregdixson Whoa, @Nurph looks amazing! What a helpful link. Love seeing the audience stats..."
"Great chat - and I really enjoyed using #Nurph for the first time!  #WBNBizChat"
"@hewettripley Isn't it fabulous!? They've done a great job building a great tool. @nurph  #WBNBizChat"
"If your struggling to follow twitter chats try using Nurph!  #NorthWestHour"

Bug Fixes

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New Features

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