@Nurph's Up: 19/09/2014 -- Nurph Painting!

@Nurph said: Woohoo! This week we were lucky enough to receive tweet with a fantastic painting of us guys! 

@Eggdough said: @Nurph looking good! Thank you @AndHeGames for the wonderful painting!

@Nurph said: @Eggdough :) And our old friend @Jestly makes an appearance here too!

@Eggdough said: @Nurph Also apologies to our readers for the delay on publishing this post! We've been kept very busy over recent weeks :)

What's new in Nurph?

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Cool Community

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This week @MariaDuron published a Nurph Review video. Check it out:

Sweet Tweets

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Bug Fixes

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New Features

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Until Next Time

See you in the Nurph!