@Nurph's Up: 22/11/2013 -- Very Trendy

@Nurph said: Great news! We made it to No.1 on @trendinaliaWAS's #Top3Apps for Wednesday 20th November 2013. See http://goo.gl/xJZHLn
@Eggdough said: @Nurph let's thank all the great Twitter Chats like #brandchat, #litchat, and #mediamadness who use the Nurph platform!
@Jestly said: @Nurph's up there ;)

What's new in Nurph?


- #CXOTalk: @Scripti_Ashley, @Nurph hopped on the Nurph Channel for #CXOTalk with CIO @HP @RamonfBaez.

- #SciFiChat: @richmagahiz, @ChatSalad were Nurphing about sci-fi.

 - #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @richmagahiz, @DebraMarrs, @laurengrodstein, @mikemjensen Nurphed it up to chat with @laurengrodstein, author of "The Reason for Everything"


- #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @tub, @richmagahiz, @Pendare, ryansartor, @JRSinason, @mikemjensen, @Nurph, @palefacewriter, @LibrarianMarian stopped by Nurph. "Today in #litchat MediaMonday we're looking INSIDE THE BOOK BUSINESS in this excerpt from @DanMenaker 's MY MISTAKE."

- #MomBizMondays: @mombizcoach, @SYTBizSolutions Nurphed it up to talk about timing "When not to scale, When is it better to stay small?"


- #LeadFromWithin: @MarisaGoudy entered the Nurph Channel for Lead From Within - a regular chat about "Heart Based Leadership, Leaders who lead with heart."


- #Brandchat: @brandchat, @Mr_McFly, @allawler, @MrJDZ, @Scripti_Ashley, @atmediadesign, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @melissacralph, @avadesign Nurphed it up to chat "THEME: BRANDS + DIGITAL MARKETING METRICS"

- #SEOPub: @melissacralph entered the Nurph Channel for "Patent Watch Edition" chat.

- #RaganSocial: @AdinaArrow, @JacksonSalza, @OrchardMedia were Nurphing about ""How PR, social media pros can create customer/partner evangelists."

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @Pendare, @richmagahiz, @LibrarianMarian, @MarcFitten, @palefacewriter jumped on the Nurph Channel 


- #Shoutout_UK: @WeGotIssuez, @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @Shoutout_UK, @jannegeurts, @YouthJobSummit, @amaalsaid, @RobertMooney17, @unlikelygirl, @harry_fraser entered the Nurph Channel to chat about "How to Work for a Charity".

- #SEOchat: RHoberg, @caddisint, @scripti_meg, @MattNeSmith, @Scripti_Ashley, @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @flakdinenno were Nurphin' it up for "Learning From Your Mistakes in SEO."

- #ETCafe: @Scripti_Ashley, @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @flakdinenno chatted about marketing campaigns and customer experience.

- #innochat: @Scripti_Ashley, @JohnWLewis, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @flakdinenno, @mattbrat1, @Renee_Hopkins, @AdrianBayley Nurphed it up for "Social Innovation with @DrewCM".

- #HBRogue: @scripti_meg, @Scripti_Ashley, @flakdinenno, @ChatSalad hit the Nurph Channel to chat "Workplace Ethics".

- #MediaMadness: @flakdinenno, @Scripti_Ashley, @scriptilabs, @Nurph, @scripti_meg, @gabriellaflom, @ShawnHooper, @ChatSalad, @clevrcat, @Actback Nurphed it up to discuss the "meat & potatoes" of business.

Bug Fixes

- Watch this whitespace!

New Features

- Twitter Jail Notifications: (thanks @brandchat!). The tweet box will indicate when you've reached your daily status update limits. 
- "/block @user": If you're the admin of a Channel you can now /block a user from appearing in the timeline.
- Delete Chat Events. Planned a chat and changed your mind about it? Now you can simply delete it.
- Fantastic Testimonials from #brandchat, #litchat, and #Shoutout_UK in a whole new "Testimonials" section on Nurph.com.
- Updated Homepage: The home page now has snazzy links to the Testimonials and to the latest news from the Nurph Blog.

Phew. Lots of new things this week!

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone.



p.s. Have you thought about running a Twitter Chat for your company? I think #Shopify could hold some great chats with their community members!