@Nurph's Up: 23/08/2013 -- Retweeter Avatars

@Nurph said: Hey guys. There's more sweet updates to the retweets!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph oh yeh, tell me more!
@Nurph said: @Eggdough now the retweeters avatars are displayed and animated in to the left of the retweet!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph Sounds nifty. Can't wait to see it!
@Nurph said: @Eggdough also there's tons more chats on ChatSalad.com now.
@Jestly said: @Nurph nom nom nom.

What's new in Nurph?


- #LitChat: On a planned break 'til Wednesday. @GLHancock and @LitChat stopped by to make sure everyone knew the chat wasn't on.
- #SciFiChat: @JRSinason dropped in to chat about Batman and other superheroes in Twitter's top sci-fi related chat.


- #LitChat: On a planned break 'til Wednesday.
- #MomBizMondays: @shelaghcummins @mombizcoach 'Nurphed-it-up' in the best Twitter chat for #mompreneurs.

- #ContentChat: @BusinessKeira stopped by for one of the top blogging & social media related Twitter chats.


- #RBChat: @cammipham used the Nurph Channel again this week for participating in the top hashtag chat about Relationship Building.


- #LitChat: @LitChat, @LibrarianMarian, @SciFiCafe, @BonnieEdwards were chatting about EMOTION IN FICTION.


- #MediaMadness:  @AustinPaley, @scriptilabs, @scripti_meg, @clevrcat, @Scripti_Ashley, @jpierce963, @JacksonSalza were Nurphin' on "how to stay true to your brand".

- #MediaChat: @cammipham jumped in to the Channel to see guest host @audreybellis on the topic of "A micro blogging service for busy professionals”.

Bug Fixes

- The @Username autocomplete feature has been vastly improved (the one that automatically types out the rest of a username for you). There's no longer a delay on it loading the initial usernames when first entering the Channel, and it no longer causes occasional performance issues when there are lots of messages in your timeline. 

- A bug that caused your "@user entered the channel" event to display in the wrong place has been fixed.

New Features

- Retweeter avatars pop up next to retweeted tweets!
- Tons more chats have been added to ChatSalad.com
- ChatSalad.com has a new home page with "date divisions" to make it clearer to see which chats are happening today and tomorrow.

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone.



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