@Nurph's Up: 25/10/2013 -- Over and Over

@Nurph said: Guys, I can't wait to tell everyone about the new feature we have in the works for chats.
@Eggdough said: @Nurph are we going to give them any hints?
@Nurph said: @Eggdough let's just say they'll definitely want to use it over and over again.
@Jestly said: @Nurph and I thought I was tease!

What's new in Nurph?


- #SciFiChat: @richmagahiz, @JRSinason hit the Nurph Channel for...

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @Arzooman_Edit, @JRSinason, @charleshefield, @Dark_Passages, @Pendare, @richmagahiz, @Smoph, @LibrarianMarian entered the Channel to chat with a special guest: "Welcome to #litchat. Today we're excited to have author & actress Kathryn Leigh Scott @Dark_Passages as guest host. Join us!"


- #B1GCats: @richmagahiz Nurphed the hashtag.


- #ContentChat: @Scripti_Ashley, @MattNeSmith, @AaronCohrs were tweeting from the Nurph Channel: 

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @Pendare, @meldecarlo, @JRSinason, @techtigger, @hoi_polloi23, @LibrarianMarian Nurphed it up for MediaMonday. "Today's topic: OVERCOMING THE OK PLATEAU. Join us 4-5pmET."

- #MomBizMondays: @mombizcoach, @shelaghcummins, @DanaHilmer jumped on their Nurph Channel for a discussion on mentorship. 


- #bcamp2013: @mombizcoach, @BetsyJoye, @HajjFlemings, @Nurph used Nurph to keep on top of tweets from this year's BrandCamp


- #GooglePlusChat: @Scripti_Ashley stopped by to chat about Google Plus.

- #LitChat: @LitChat, @Pendare ChatSalad, SusanSpann, @richmagahiz, @TheMarkDEvans, @LibrarianMarian entered the #LitChat Nurph Channel for WritingWednesday: "Today we're discussing HOW TO WRITE HORROR."


- #SEOchat: @Scripti_Ashley, @scripti_meg, @caddisint, @MattNeSmith, @Nurph entered Nurph for the top SEO chat.

- #innochat: AaronCohrs, @JohnWLewis, @Scripti_Ashley, @NeilCauldwell, @ChatSalad, @PJBenedicto, @mattbrat1, @jaykannan, @brunowinck, @mariaduron, @caddisint joined the top chat about Innovation.

#HBRogue: @AaronCohrs, @Nurph, @Scripti_Ashley, @RogerFesta, @LaurieVarga, @scripti_meg Nurphed it up to talk about Team Formation.

- #MediaMadness: @AaronCohrs, scripti_meg, @Scripti_Ashley, @scriptilabs, @brandchat, @NeilCauldwell, @Nurph, @RogerFesta, @caddisint, @shelaghcummins, @JohnWLewis, @mombizcoach, @TheDavisCos, @joelmharrison chatting about "Re-purposing products & services for various target audiences."

- #UGCChat: @Scripti_Ashley, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @PJBenedicto joined the first ever chat!

Bug Fixes

- Chat topics no longer overflow on to the participants counter! 

New Features

- Watch this whitespace! 

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone.



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