@Nurph's Up - 26/07/2013 - Watch This Whitespace

@Nurph said: Hey everyone
@Eggdough said: @Nurph hey there!
@Nurph said: @Eggdough it's been a quiet week on the new feature front. However, we've vastly improved the tweet publishing stability!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph that's great! Every once in a while a tweet wouldn't publish, but it sounds like you've fixed that.
@Nurph said: @Eggdough sure have! It was due to character limit adjustments when a shortened URL is included in the tweet. All sorted now.
@Nurph said: @Eggdough also there's some very exciting new features in the works. Watch this whitespace!
@Jestly said: /play monkey
@Jestly said: @Nurph @Eggdough Whoops, sorry I meant...
@Jestly said: /play rimshot

What's new in Nurph?


#SciFiChat: @GLHancock, @JRSinason, @warrencbennett, @scieditorIM stopped by to discuss their favorite alien biologies.

#LitChat: @ozekiland, @LitChat, @JRSinason, @profduemer, @ronanodriscoll, @Andr_Dim, @LucyACarson, @authorchrisbeal, @jmal37 @GLHancock, were chatting about @ozekiland's book, A Tale for the Time Being (found here on Amazon).


- #FantasyChat: @warrencbennett took the #FantasyChat Nurph Channel for a spin to discuss morality systems in fantasy books. I've got a bit more work to do yet! 


- #LitChat: @LitChat, @Pendare, @GLHancock, discussing Amazon, Apple, and e-book pricing.

- #MomBizMondays: @mombizcoach, @shelaghcummins, @JenGPhotog, were discussing business successes and achieving goals. 


#LitChat: @soniawrite, @LitChat, @JRSinason, @Pendare, were chatting about writing tips shared by @JoyceCarolOates.


- #MediaMadness: @scripti_meg, @scriptilabs, @timmermanngroup, @Corus360, @ShipStation, @clevrcat, @Scripti_Ashley, @RudkinTweets, @512art, and @AshleyBalstad all Nurphed-it-up to discuss how to grow online business.

Today (Friday)

- Make sure you check out #SciFiChat and #LitChat!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug whereby the character limit of your tweet was too long because of how Twitter handles shortened URLs (spotted by @Nurph).
  • Made further upgrades to the way that the tweet publishing is handled (we now have a "retry" process that can handle failed tweets).

New Features

  • No new features this week. But there's lots - and I mean #LOTS - in the works.

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone.



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