@Nurph's Up: 31/01/2014 -- Cool Community

@Nurph said: Hey everyone, we received our first tweeted picture of a Nurph Channel in action at a conference!
@Eggdough said: @Nurph oh that's awesome! Thanks @Landscapechat, @CoronaTools, and @PermalocEdging!
@Nurph said: @Eggdough sure is. Now we just need to try @twizzlers too!

What's new in Nurph?

Friday, 24th January

- #Talkprint: @_PinkCustard, @PrintMediaCentr, @mccabeben, @Scotia_Press, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @_Jim_Bower_ Nurphed it up to chat about diversity in the print industry.

- #KaizenBiz: @CathyWebSavvyPR, @pisarose, @Nurph were Nurphin' for a chat on "Are We Too Cowardly/Too Nice To Give Negative Feedback?".

- #SharkBuds: @flakdinenno, @MichelleLDuncan, @Free2BMia, @TheMonalisa02, @H___daily, @Inwood147, @Chris_Hinojosa3, @momowilly, @Kris2ferCurtis were chatting about the Shark Tank show in real-time.

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Sunday, 26th January

- #blogchat: @GLHancock, @bellmit, @patricksplace, @NickKellet, @theWritingHabit, @katieolthoff all entered the #blogchat Nurph Channel to chat all about blogging.

- #NostalgiaChat: @theWritingHabit, @patricksplace Nurphed the hashtag to chat all about nostalgia.

Monday, 27th January

- #LitChatBetsy: @LitChat, @StephanieR76, @Nurph, @NeilCauldwell, @proflangley, @robinsm5, @julia_bade, @BennettKas, @Angela_Anglais, @LauraNureldin, @DebraMarrs, @KevanLyon, @LibrarianMarian, @evelynalauer, @LanetteKauten, @NineTiger, @mikemjensen, @Kimquinton were in the Nurph for "Kevan Lyon from Marsal Lyon Literary Agency will take questions during this session of #litchatbetsy Literary Salon." Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/LitChatBetsy/chats/91

- #MomBizMondays: @BeautifulLifeNu, @mombizcoach, @jptoyrental, @headhaunchos, @jwedholmdesign, @SYTBizSolutions, @shelaghcummins, @AshleyBalstad, @MomBizDotCom to chat "How can your competition improve your #mombiz?"

- #contentchat: @bellmit, @AdinaArrow, @MichaelMooneyy, @Nurph, @pisarose, @NowTherealnow Nurphed it up to chat "Gathering & Managing a Marketing Team Around Content".

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Tuesday, 28th January

- #NSAChat: @sierramodro, @Nurph, @ChatSalad hopped on the Nurph Channel for a chat with "@HayleyFoster talking about TED talks."

- #Assnchat: @assnchat, @MarkCWills, @ZMacSocial, @ChatSalad, @amysbassett, @DonnaVieira, @Nurph, @christinagsmith, @SmoothThePath, @CallieCady, @DSKSolutions, @GregParker_, @lcsllc, @kikilitalien, @MelEdits, @Scripti_Ashley were Nurphin' on "Trends in Print Media for Associations". Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/assnchat/chats/86

- #treechat: @treechat, @NJTrees, @Tampaag, @CoronaTools, @VoiceOfTreeCare hit the Nurph Channel to chat "Trees for the Birds": Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/treechat/chats/100

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Wednesday, 29th January

- #brandchat: @robertkennedy3, @brandchat, @NeilCauldwell, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @GeraldMoczynski, @AdinaArrow, @TylerHakes, @StudioOne, @SteveCassady, @mkmcreative, @Mr_McFly, @MichaelMooneyy, @iSocial_Fanz, @mariaduron, @GinaCueto, @allawler were Nurphin' on #BRANDArchy!  Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/brandchat/chats/104 

- #Landscapechat: @CoronaTools, @Nurph, @h2oMatters, @jchapstk, @HydroScape, @HilaryRusso were chatting "#LIS2014 3rd Annual #Landscapechat Tweetup". Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/landscapechat/chats/101

- #PrintChat: @PrintMediaCentr, @Nurph, @_PinkCustard, @PrintChat, @HeidelbergUS, @robwhitney, @shop365store, @SPG_DaveR, @HelpPrintThrive, @BarneyFiber, @stephroseg, @DesignsJennifer, @TowerLitho43, @Casey1901, @KMSLithoPrint, @BSquaredNYC, @theodavisprint, @miercs, @PrintChampion, @tommytrc, @Scripti_Ashley, @fpenalver07, @sandyhubbard, @wrightsprinting, @typertist were chatting "Digital Offset 2.0 - LIVE With @HeidelbergUS HQ!". Watch the chat again! http://nurph.com/PrintChat/chats/90 

- #LitChatBetsy: @LitChat, @DebraMarrs, @CarolBuchananMT, @ChatSalad, @Angela_Anglais, @SusanSpann, @michaelmhughes, @JRSinason were in the Nurph Channel for back-to-back #LitChatBetsy special chats:

Indie Publishing: Carol Buchanan
Watch again -- http://nurph.com/LitChatBetsy/chats/94

Mystery/Suspense: Susan Spann
Watch again -- http://nurph.com/LitChatBetsy/chats/93  

Speculative/Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Michael M. Hughes
Watch again -- http://nurph.com/LitChatBetsy/chats/95

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Thursday, 30th January

- #SEOChat: @corey_hahn, @Nurph, @JeremyRiveraSEO, @Scripti_Ashley, @BeamUsUpCrawler, @RiaFiscina were Nurphin' it up on SEO.

- #HBRogue: @brilliansk, @CharleeHanna, @ChatSalad, @Nurph, @AdinaArrow, @Scripti_Ashley, @jgombita took to the #HBRogue Nurph Channel for the chat.

- #innochat: @Renee_Hopkins, @Nurph, @ChatSalad, @Scripti_Ashley, @jgombita, @mari_IX hit the Channel to chat "Selling Innovation".

Other interesting Nurph Channels for the day include:
#ETCafe, #MarketingChat, #hrtrends, #smmeasure, #Shoutout_UK, #WOMMA

Upcoming Chats

- The #LitChatBetsy community have some great chats coming up today: Check them out! http://nurph.com/chats

Cool Community

We received our first tweet picture of a Nurph Channel in action at the #LIS2014 conference! Thanks @CoronaTools!

And thanks to @PrintChat for recommending Nurph as their prefered  Twitter Chat tool:

Bug Fixes

- Fixed timezone conversion bug on "Upcoming Chats" pages (Thanks @BrandChat and @LitChat).
- Fixed Chat Replays bug which meant tweets weren't showing! (Thanks @PrintChat)

New Features

- We've been fixing bugs and scaling up our background services, so watch this whitespace for new features! 

Until Next Time

Have a great weekend everyone.



p.s I'd like to say thanks to @EntMagazineAmy for further finger yoga tips!