Build a Real-Time Twitter Chat Community (Emotio Meets Nurph)

I recently contacted my friend @nickwsmith, co-founder of, (an up & coming UK-based startup), about a writing a blog post to highlight how Emotio have started using Nurph to build a real-time Twitter chat community. Nick said;

"Definitely - Nurph is a great way to get direct feedback in real time about, and walk through the concept with my early customers.."

Let's find out why.

To quote their Website directly, " is an emotional rating system for your website. Let your users rate your content by how it makes them feel, and help them discover more of your content based on their current mood. We help you analyse emotional response, so you can design, curate or sell better, and engage your users on an intriguing new level."

Emotio are using a Twitter account, @GetEmotio, as a broadcast system for notable information and goings-on around their company. Nurph complements this by giving them a real-time chat Channel with which they can bring their Twitter friends together in one place for real-time chat, real-time tweet streaming, conversation search, daily archives, and a whole load more.



To get all this, @nickwsmith; simply typed 'GetEmotio' in to Nurph and Nurph instantly transported him to, the Nurph Channel for the Twitter account on For every Twitter Profile there is a Nurph Channel; try it for your own Twitter username.

Next up, Nick installed the Nurph Widget for @GetEmotio; on his website. This means that visitors to will now see the number of participants chatting in the @GetEmotio; Channel, and they'll be encouraged to join the conversation.



Then @nickwsmith tweeted about using Nurph, invited his followers in to chat, and he mentioned that he would be hanging out in his Nurph Channel should his followers fancy a good old chin-wag. I do the same thing with @NurphHQ - it's even on my business card (complete with opening hours of Mon-to-Fri, 9 - 5 GMT).


At this point @nickwsmith now has a place where other Twitterers can find him online, he can hang out there during business hours, and he can meet & greet people in cyber space. The conversation happens in a way that makes it easy to follow, and there's a seamless transition to and from the best message broadcasting system on the Internet (Twitter).

That's Nurph in a nutshell. Follow the steps above and I promise you'll start to see Twitter - and the Internet - in a different light.