Get a Real-Time Twitter Channel for Your Brand

Would you like a real-time Twitter Channel for your brand which a) brings together your Twitter account, friends, followers, and hashtag in to a real-time discussion forum b) makes it easier to communicate with your Twitter community, c) gives you more insights in to your Twitter community, d) gives you automatic conversation transcripts, and e) brings you Twitter community closer to your brand? That's Nurph.

Start using by typing in your Twitter username, joining your real-time Channel, and chatting in real-time. Nurph brings your Twitter community together in a more intimate real-time chat setting and makes it easier to hold conversations over Twitter.

- Real-Time group chat for Twitter
- Your branding
- Brings your Twitter community closer to your brand
- Conversation transcripts
- Easy way to search through your conversations
- Loops back in to Twitter
- Tells you who is hanging out but not contributing
- Great for customer feedback on Twitter
- Helps build community and followers