How To Own a Twitter Hashtag

As @bonigala states in "Can You Own a Twitter Hashtag", the question of whether or not you should be able to own a Twitter hashtag is one that just keeps cropping up in the branding world. Well imagine if there was a tool that gave you real-time Twitter Channels based on Twitter accounts and hashtags, whereby you could bring your Twitter community together in a real-time group chat environment that ties in directly to existing Twitter hashtags, but with a superior real-time chatting experience, moderation facilities, "presence" that tells you who is hanging out in real-time, automatic conversation transcripts, conversation archives that last forever, a search tool that let's you scan entire conversations, and design & branding on a vanity URL that matches your Twitter username.

That's, and you're going to love it. Get started in just a few seconds or read on to find out more.!/jennifairy123/status/131368547866783745">

HOW: Visit, type in the Twitter username that you use with your hashtag, and start chatting in real-time without having to remember to type the hashtag out in every tweet, with @username autocomplete, and real-time presence to see who is both contributing and hanging out for fun. Nurph Channels publish the conversations straight out to Twitter so everyone is kept in the loop, and it's a far slicker chat experience.

OWNERSHIP: Nurph Channels are owned by the Twitter account that matches the hashtag you typed in. Therefore, @Nurph owns #Nurph, @StephenFry owns #StephenFry, and @Apple owns #Apple. If you have a Twitter username you now can feel confident about building a real-time Twitter hashtag community for your online persona, brand, company, event, and community without worrying about your hashtag being hijacked by someone else.

REALLY REAL-TIME: Chat in real-time like never before. Not only does Nurph let you "own" a hashtag but you also get the best real-time Twitter experience. Once you've participated in a Nurph Channel you won't want to go back to chatting via the Twitter interface. Chatting via Nurph is so much better than trying to piece together a Twitter chat using other tools. Just try it and see.

MODERATION: Control the chat with moderation facilities based around who you Follow and who Follows you. Stop other people from taking over your chat. Stop worrying about other people using the same hashtag. Block people who don't play nice on your hashtag.

TRANSCRIPTS: Get automatic conversation archives that are created in real-time as you chat away. Check out this recent conversation with the @AppleCrowd Twitter community to see our nifty conversation archives in action

KEYWORD SEARCH: The keyword search facility makes it a piece of cake to search through your past conversations. People are often complaining that Twitter's search archives rarely go back as far as they need them to, but Nurph's archives are available forever. Try the search results for "love" in #Nurph to see what it's all about

DESIGN & BRANDING: Your Nurph Channel design is based on your Twitter account. That means we pull in all your existing profile design customisations and you get a URL with your branding all over it.

SET TOPICS: Set topics using tweets and Nurph shows the topic at the top of the channel and pulls in the latest tweet so that the chatters always know what you're discussing.

What are you waiting for? Get in the @Nurph.