How To Setup a Twitter Back Channel for Your Office

Would you like to have a real-time Twitter back channel for your office space, building, or community? Here at @SWFourOffices we've been using Nurph as a Twitter-based group chat backchannel for our shared office space. It's turning out to be a fantastic centralised point of contact for chatter, and it's fostering communication that wouldn't usually happen between office members who are on opposite sides of the floor to one another. Most importantly of all, it's turning out to be a ton of fun to use.

As you can see from visiting the #SWFourOffices Channel, @SWFourOffices is a shared office space that is home to many interesting companies, including @Adzuna, @shimanmedia, @goldenboymedia, @xandermatthew and their team members including @andsallison, @jennifairy123, @amishderodra, and @ManfredKwapong - and they've all been stopping by our new virtual water cooler for real-time Twitter chatter.

Do you have a Twitter account for your office, company, or brand? Here are three easy steps for setting up your very own Twitter back channel.

1. Visit and type in your Twitter username

2. Share your Nurph Channel link with everyone via Twitter, email & Skype

3. Follow the people you want to chat with

4. Customise your Twitter profile design

5. Nurph away!