New Feature: Transcripts & Conversation Search!

Have you ever wished for an easy way to move out of Twitter's 140 character restriction and in to a more fluid conversational experience, whilst still keeping an easy way to track the conversation for people who want to follow along, and a way to archive it all for a later date? Well, you're in luck; the Nurph team just deployed transcripts & search to the Nurph Channels!

Transcripts are daily archives of the conversation in your Nurph Channel. Just click the "view earlier messages" link at the top of the channel timeline (just scroll up to the top of the recent messages after you've joined the Channel), and you can continue browsing through the archives on a daily basis.

Further to this, the new search box allows you to look for matches for words in the things that have been said in your Nurph Channel. Just type in a word, hit enter, and Nurph will return a list of the top matches in remarks (highlighted for your convenience) with a link to see the remark in-situ (in the conversation).

If you're running a Twitter hashtag for real-time chats and you're manually creating conversation logs from tweets containing your hastag, you should give Nurph for a spin in your next chat session. Just ask @PeterC! Not only can you bring your Twitter community together for a real-time chat without the 140 char limit, but you also get the transcripts of your conversation generated automatically and available on easily shared URLs!

p.s. What do you think of the 'transcripts' naming convention? Would you prefer 'archives' or 'logs', perhaps?