New Look Nurph!

After some great feedback from @PeterC (among others) we've launched a new design for Nurph.

The feedback suggested that the 'Channels" list on the left hand side (the one that listed the most popular channels among the people you follow on Twitter) was confusing the overall navigation, cluttering up the interface, and detracting from the focus on the chat timelines. People were arriving in a Nurph Channel and seeing too many things going on, and too many interface elements to click on. The new version (image above) turns Nurph in to a two-panel design which puts the entire interface focus on the chat timelines. So if you're on a Channel URL, e.g., you now feel like you're really focused on the chat.

Can you spot any other adjustments to the interface? There's a couple that I haven't mentioned...let's play a "Where's Wally!" with new Nurph interface tweaks!