Nurph Progress Update: 21/09/14 -- Growth Stats

Since the last update in April the Nurph adoption has continued to ramp-up significantly. More tweets being published, more chats taking place, and more happy Nurphers. To illustrate this we're publishing data and charts of Nurph's growth rate over the last year.

The Tweets Published Per Month, the Chats Created Per Month, and @Nurph's Follower Count all have a great growth trajectory. For example the number of tweets published by Nurphers is up from around 3,500 in August 2013 to around 28,000 in August 2014. And we're on track to beat 30,000 for September 2014.

We'll also update this post with a graph of the number of Participants in chats (we're just fixing a bug related to processing this historical data).  -- Update --  The participants growth chart:

Key Metrics

  • 160+ Twitter Chat Communities have scheduled Chats in their Nurph Channels
  • 500+ Replays of unique high ranking chats on the "Most Popular" chats list
  • 60,000+ Replays of all chats combined
  • 4,000,000+ "events" have been processed. This includes:
    • User presence events (e.g. people joining/leaving Channels)
    • Tweets published from Nurph
    • Tweets streamed-in by Nurph

Key Facts



What's Next?

Nurph has a great growth trajectory, we're very honoured to host chats for top Twitter Chat Communities, and we're lucky to have such a passionate fan base. On this foundation we're going to continue upgrading Nurph features, continue scaling up the platform for more Twitter Users, and we're starting new initiatives to really take things to the next level. Just wait 'til you see what's next!

Look forward to seeing you in the Nurph Channels!

Founder CEO @Nurph