Twitter Chat Rooms

We've been getting some great feedback from people using @Nurph to workaround Twitter's shortcomings - including the 140 character limit and it's stifling effect on conversations, the lack of coherent conversation archives, the confusing maze of @-replies, and the lack of a group feature that brings your Twitter community together on the same page...

@KateRussell (a technology reporter at the BBC) stopped by Nurph few days ago:

...and here are some of our favorite individual tweets:

@swombat: I used @nurph to create an ad-hoc chat room to discuss an article with someone from twitter... it worked really, really well.Thu Jan 13 18:05:05 +0000 2011

@haersitic: Visit and make your own channel. Beats all that previous tinychat crapTue Jan 18 02:52:38 +0000 2011

@Shane: My nurph chat thing is actually the coolest thing I've seen that works with twitter in a long while!! Jun 13 23:04:25 +0000 2011

@yapjonathan: To people who love using Twitter as chat, please try this @nurphWed Jul 27 16:29:21 +0000 2011

Nurph interfaces with Twitter but no character limitations. Freedom from 140!!! #bizforumThu Jun 30 01:19:48 +0000 2011

If you're interested in making more of your Twitter conversations and bringing your Twitter community together on the same page in a chat room-style environment, take your Nurph Channel for a spin - it's like your very own Twitter hangout and chat room.