A Çoopèd Up Nurph

If you read yesterdays' post, Peter Çoopèr in the Nurph!, you'll know that @PeterC made a number of suggestions for improving the Nurph experience for the @RubyInside, @RubyFlow, and @CoderIO Twitter communities - with one of the suggestions being for a more streamlined log-in procedure.

Today I'm proud to announce that we've gone ahead and launched a more streamlined log-in procedure for when you're logged out of Nurph and attempting to access a specific Channel. Previously a 'logged-out' user would be taken to the standard "Login to Nurph" page (without any reference to the Channel they were previously trying to access), but as of today they'll stay on the Channel URL, they'll get a preview of the Channel community, and there's massive, unavoidable "Login" button, like so:

This way we're providing Channel insider info about the people chatting in the Channel (making the login-in process much more inviting), and the whole login process just feels much more streamlined due to the reduced number of page requests.

Could you suggest any further improvements to the logging-in procedure? And have you tried breaking out of the 140 char limit and bringing your Twitter community together in real-time in your very Nurph own chat Channel?