How To Bring Your Twitter Community Together Without the Character Limit

This is how Nurph works best: @Mardiciones logged in to Nurph, lots of people starting tweeting the link to the @Marciones Nurph Channel (found on; just append any Twitter username to and you'll visit the Channel), and the @Marciones Twitter community got together for a real-time chat.

@Marciones got to meet their friends & followers, to chat with them in real-time, and to work around the 140 character limit in the easiest way possible. It's all about joining the conversation!

In our last blog post, "New Feature: Transcripts & Conversation Search", we covered the launch of the new transcripts feature - and when @Mardiciones brought their Twitter community together in real-time, the resulting chatter created a great example of how Nurph enables you to read through chat logs at a later date. Just click this link to see what we mean: You'll see there's 16 people in the transcript, all with proven Twitter identities - and it's a lot easier to read through than tieing together 140 character tweets with hashtags, or a clicking round a collection of "in reply to" links.

Would you like to bring your own Twitter friends & followers together in real-time? Try tweeting a link to your Nurph Channel!