Nurph Channels or Rooms (and Hacker News!)

Here's some exciting Nurph news! Yesterday's blog post about Nurph solving the 140 character problem for @swombat & @destraynor was submitted to Hacker News by a kind HN community member, and it remained at number 3 in the charts for quite some time. We received some great feedback, we chatted with lots of interesting people in, and we spotted lots of Twitterers enjoying using Nurph to break out of the 140 character limit and to chat in real-time with other Twitter users.

Many interesting points cropped up, most notably the use of the Nurph "Channel" naming convention. Lots of people seemed to refer to Nurph Channels as Twitter Chat Rooms (i.e. Nurph Chat Rooms). Twitter users who've used IRC will understand the Channel terminology, but every other Twitter user will probably have a better grasp of what a Room is. So let's have a vote. Do you prefer the sound of Nurph Channels or Nurph Rooms? Use the following poll to cast your vote: (click the link to go directly to the poll page, or use the yellow form below):

Nurph 'Channels' or Nurph 'Rooms'?

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2 responses
Wow, Nurph has come a long way since the last time I left a comment on your blog! I think I heard about your venture from something Louis Grey wrote back in August. I'll have a look at the Hacker News story right now.

Good work. I'm pleased that you're doing well, as you actually have something original in the Twitterverse. I signed up for an account with Nurph several months ago, but only recently had any occasions when it would've been useful to me, I'm finally having an occasional conversation on Twitter! Yeah! Took long enough....! Will try using Nurph next time!
Ellie of SignsAndSigils dot posterous dot com

Ellie, it's great to hear that Nurph will provide additional value to the Twitterverse for you. Try including a link to Nurph in your tweets so that your Twitter friends can get together for a chat and extend the conversation past the 140 characters.