@Nurph's Year in Review -- 2014

2014 was a fantastic year of growth for Nurph, and it's time to share the amazing progress that was made throughout the year. Key metrics are growing year-on-year by up to 2,102%, "to Nurph" is appearing as a verb in tweets, highly regarded companies have hosted chats, and much more.


  • Chats
    • 2013: 46
    • 2014: 1,013
  • Tweets
    • 2013: 38,651
    • 2014: 276,438
  • Nurphers
    • 2013: 761
    • 2014: 3,275

Year-on-year, the number of chats grew by 2,102%, tweets published by 615%, and Nurphers by 330%. "Nurphers" are the number of unique Twitter Users who both log-in AND participate in a Twitter Chat via Nurph throughout the year.

In October 2014 we reached a yearly peak of 36,000+ tweets published for the month, which is almost as many as the number of tweets published by Nurph throughout the whole of 2013.  

Now there are 225 Nurph Channels with chat sessions recorded on them (think of these as Nurph Channels that have been "inhabited" by Twitter Communities), some of the chats have had 600+ Replays, and #STLChat reached 1,000+ Replays for an individual chat.



Nurph continued to receive incredible feedback throughout 2014. Here is just a tiny sample of the feedback tweets Nurph received over the year:

In fact it was tricky to pick just a few tweets to include, and it barely tells the full story. That's why we've created "Year in Tweets 2014" to highlight a further sample of the feedback Nurph received in the year. Check it out.

    What's Next?

    2014 was fantastic for Nurph, but we're going even bigger in 2015. More chats, more tweets, and a huge KickStarter campaign to help raise awareness and further funding for the exciting Nurph plans. You're going to love it!

    See you in the Nurph


    Founder, CEO, and Chief Product Officer @Nurph